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Buying a brand-new bespoke and fitted kitchen is an exciting process. It can be daunting, too, with so many things to take into consideration. The temptation to rush to the showroom, choose your kitchen style and set the ball rolling as quickly as possible can be hard to resist. Neglect the planning stage, though, and the kitchen of your dreams could turn into your worst nightmare.

kitchen stylesBecause the opportunity to fit out a bespoke kitchen from scratch doesn’t come along very often it can be hard to know where to start. May we suggest that this site is a particularly good place to start!

It is a straightforward way of getting in touch with kitchen designer companies in your area that will help you choose from a range of various kitchen styles. They will help you steer through the myriad decisions you will be called upon to make – from initial layout of the kitchen style through to the final fitting. They will be able to outline the pros and cons of various materials for cabinets, worktops and floors. Give you the information you need to weigh up the benefits of bespoke kitchen styles. You’ll find out about the choices to be made and what to take into consideration before you make them. We can point you to websites that will provide more details on particular aspects of the project in which you are especially interested. In short, we invite you to benefit from our expertise and make the whole experience as straightforward as possible.

Furthermore, get it right and you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of your kitchen for many years to come.

For more information on bespoke and fitted kitchens, you can visit the Kitchen Buyers Guide which will provide you with further hints and tips on kitchen products.

For a Brochure on Kitchens Styles, click here! Get information from companies that operate in your local area.

Kitchen Shapes and Styles

Top tips:

  • Work with the shape of your room
  • Maximise storage space
  • Efficiency is the watchword

The size and shape of your kitchen will, to some extent, dictate the layout and style – no point in hankering after a vast island unit when your kitchen is long and narrow. Whatever its size, the most important thing is to make your kitchen as efficient as possible and maximise the storage space – you can never have too much!

Unless you are blessed with an enormous room, kitchens generally come in one of four main shapes – galley, two-way galley, L-shaped and U-shaped styles.

Galley kitchens

With space at a premium, it is likely that your choice of layout will be quite restricted and storage space beneath worktops will be limited. Make the most of the available wall space and perhaps have a large storage cupboard or a high refrigerator at the end of the galley.

Two-way galley kitchens
Two-way galley kitchens provide significantly more storage space below the worktop and lend themselves to a more efficient layout style compared to a single galley. It is important, though, to ensure you have enough space between the two galleys – you need to be able to look into your oven without bumping into the galley behind you. Also consider potential space constraints if more than one person is working in the kitchen.
Two-way galley kitchens
L-shaped kitchens
The L-shaped kitchen style usually provides plenty of working surfaces plus storage space below the worktops. Distance between the main zones of the kitchen will be minimised. Depending on its size, an additional advantage of the L-shaped kitchen is that one of the corners can often be used as a dining area. Clever storage solutions ensure that even seemingly awkward spaces in corners can been utilised.
L-shaped kitchens
U-shaped kitchens
A U-shaped kitchen style offers plenty of work surfaces and storage space. Resist the tendency to fill every inch of wall space with cupboards, though, as this can be somewhat overpowering. A large U-shaped kitchen can accommodate a breakfast bar on one end of the ‘U’, if required.
U-shaped kitchens

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For a Brochure on Kitchens Styles, click here! Get information from companies that operate in your local area.



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